Freedom Mobile launches Visual Voicemail for iPhone users

The feature costs $4 per month

Freedom Mobile is offering a Visual Voicemail service for iPhone users as of today, MobileSyrup has confirmed.

The add-on allows users to listen to and manage their voicemails through their device without having to dial-in, since the messages are downloaded to the device and can be played and paused through an easy-to-use interface. It’s available for $4 per month.

The feature was first spotted by Redditor Munzo101, through the add-ons section of Freedom’s online account management platform.

The service is only available to customers with an iPhone 5 or newer. Customers also need a plan with a data allotment, since the feature uses data and is only available through a cellular network.

Reddit users also noted that the feature isn’t included in any plans at this time, and that Freedom’s Visual Voicemail does include the transcribe function for transferring messages to text.

The feature is not available for Android users on the network, at least for the time being.

For more information on Freedom’s new feature, check out its support page here.

Via: Reddit