Pixel and Nexus cameras are now getting built-in Google Lens

Google Lens on Pixel 2 XL

Google Lens is coming to the camera on Pixel and some Nexus devices today.

The Google phones are joining manufacturers like Motorola, Sony and LG, which have all added Lens directly into the camera app.

The new feature works similarly to the other manufacturers — Lens is a selectable mode in the camera app now. Users can swipe open the side panel in the camera. Lens resides there with the other camera modes, like Portrait, Panorama and AR Stickers.

This follows a slew of updates for Lens that Google has been pushing out since its I/O conference in May.

Google Lens has received a visual overhaul along with new real-time object lookup. Additionally, it gained a copy-paste feature that allows users to copy text in the real-world and paste it on their phone.

Finally, Google Lens received a new app in the Play Store. The app works more like a shortcut, breaking Lens out of the Google Assistant app.

Lens’ implementation in the camera app accomplishes the same goal. It gives users another option for launching the feature, instead of forcing them to go to Assistant and navigate to Lens from there.

It also makes sense to put it in the camera. Chances are, if you’re already pointing your camera at something, you may want to know more about it. And if you do, it’s much easier to open Lens from the camera and find out.

The addition is part of an app update for the Google Camera. Version 5.2.025 adds Lens to the app and is rolling out via an update from the Google Play Store now.

Source: 9to5 Google Via: Engadget