Instagram is the latest social network to add video chat

The app has swollen considerably since its launch as a photo sharing service

Instagram iOS app on phone

Instagram has been slowly working towards evolving into a more all-encompassing social network over the last few months.

The latest new feature to hit the social network is video chat. Video chat is being added to the platform along with a new Explore tab.

Users can go into the direct message section of the app and click on the camera in the top right of the conversation to initiate a video chat. Instagram has added one-on-one videos and group chat for up to four people.

The social network is the latest in a long line of apps that have included a way for users to video chat, as well as the second video chat option available from a Facebook-owned platform.

Users can only video chat with people who already following them on the social network.

There have been a lot of updates to Instagram lately. The recent IGTV update from June 20th has better positioned the app to take on YouTube.

Source: Instagram