Telus is offering a $76/10GB ‘win back’ offer to some prior customers

Much like Bell and Rogers, Telus is targeting certain customers with a 10GB on-contract deal


Telus is joining Rogers in offering a data-rich deal in hopes of winning back ex-customers.

A poster on Red Flag Deals said that Telus offered them a $76/10GB plan with unlimited nationwide calling plus a Samsung Galaxy Note 8 for $0 down on a two-year contract.

The customer had previously left for a Manitoba Koodo plan with 8GB + 2GB of data for $50 per month.

While the poster showed proof of the promotion in the form of the redacted top-half of a contract, no one else in the thread confirmed getting the same offer, so as with any win-back plan — your mileage may vary.

With this move by Telus, all three major Canadian carriers are now offering on-contract 10GB promos to certain targeted demographics.

Last week, RFD reports showed Bell was trying to move some of its customers that nabbed the December 2017 $60/10GB plan up the value chain with an $85/10GB on-contract offer.

Rogers, which lost a fair amount of subscribers during that promo blitz, opted to offer a $80/10GB win-back promo with a $500 credit.

Now Telus, which gained 121,000 subscribers in the quarter it offered the $60/10GB offer alongside its competitors, has joined in the fun.

It’s important to note that while these prices beat out in-market offers, once customers move away from $60/10GB or equivalent plans, it will be all but impossible to get them back.

Source: RFD