You can now protect your Twitter account with a physical security key


If you’re concerned about your Twitter account’s security and don’t feel a password doing the job, there’s another option.

It’s now possible to lock up a Twitter account with a physical security key, according to Twitter’s official safety account, @TwitterSafety.

Physical security keys, such as a YubiKey for example, can be plugged into a computer via USB, or you can also opt to use an Android device’s NFC chip, in order to authenticate your Twitter account with a physical token.

The physical key then acts as an additional layer of security on your account since it’s required to gain access to your Twitter profile.

Twitter isn’t alone with this additional level of authentication either, with other services like Facebook and even web browser Firefox also featuring support for physical security keys.

If you’re interested in setting up a security key for your Twitter account, the social network has a handy step-by-step guide featured on its website.

Source: @TwitterSafety