eBay Canada is letting Canadians price match after purchasing

eBay is stepping up its game to compete with Amazon

eBay Canada is doubling down on the fight against its competition with a new price match program.

The company is now price matching new Canadian goods for up to 48 hours after the item was originally purchased and adding an additional 10 percent refund as well.

Once a user gets approved eBay sends them a coupon for 110 percent of the difference, that they are then able to use in the online marketplace. So if the user bought an item from eBay for $100 and they find it for $90 from Best Buy, then eBay will send them a coupon for $11.

There are a few conditions that users need to be aware of before they try to take advantage of this deal. This promotion only works with new, unopened products that are listed in Canadian dollars.

Following that, users can only price match items as long as they’re from a few stores such as, Best and

If your item matches up with these conditions than users can call into eBay’s customer support.

The deal is running for the month of July, but it may go longer since eBay hasn’t listed an end date yet.

Source: eBay Canada