Facebook’s new ‘Keyword Snooze’ feature lets you nimbly avoid spoilers

The feature lets you block out certain topics for 30 days

Facebook app

Facebook has launched a new way for users to avoid pesky spoilers from your less-thoughtful friends: ‘Keyword Snooze.’

The feature lets you snooze posts from people, pages and groups in your News Feed by keyword, which is pulled from the text in the post.

Not only is this a useful way to avoid spoilers, it’s also useful if you’re simply growing fatigued of a certain topic and need to shut it out for a while.

To activate the feature, head to the menu of a post on News Feed (located in the upper right hand corner) and snooze any of the keywords that show up — for instance, “Game of Thrones.” Once done, all posts containing that phrase will be hidden from your feed for 30 days.

The feature joins ‘See First,’ ‘Hide,’ ‘Unfollow’ and ‘Snooze’ in Facebook’s toolbox of News Feed controls.