Rogers’ Wall-to-Wall Wi-Fi mesh network now available

Rogers head office logo

Rogers has announced Wall-to-Wall Wi-FI, the company’s first foray into mesh WiFi networks.

Customers can add the product to any Ignite Internet package for $9.99 per month. The rental fee includes one hub, which plugs into any Rogers modem, and one beacon which plugs into an electrical outlet.

Rogers says this set up is enough for the typical household, but additional beacons are available for an extra $4 per month. Currently Rogers doesn’t offer an outright purchase option for the hardware.

There’s also a $49.99 installation fee. A technician will perform the installation and setup Wall-to-Wall WiFi and your modem for optimal performance.

The hardware behind Rogers’ mesh WiFi system is powered by Eero. Eero is a San Francisco-based company that released its second-generation mesh WiFi product in Canada last year. Purchasing an Eero hub and beacon costs $399 CAD.

Customers also get access to an app that allows them to control their WiFi easily. It provides information on connected devices, the status of the different hubs and beacons and current network speeds. It also makes it easy to share network access with friends and family.

Like any mesh network, Wall-to-Wall WiFi is customizable. Rogers says it will learn and optimize to your home, providing the best coverage. Additionally, the mesh network will stay up-to-date automatically so users don’t have to worry about security issues.

Bell and Telus have also launched mesh network options this year.

Bell’s mesh offering utilizes hardware from U.S. manufacturer Plume. It costs $5 per month and come with four hexagonal access points that plug into the wall. Additional pods are available for $2 per month. Bell customers also need the Home Hub 3000 modem — which carries a $7 monthly rental fee. Bell’s offering isn’t available for outright purchase.

Telus’ mesh offering is only available in British Columbia and Alberta for now. The starter pack has two booster packs and costs $120.

If you’re looking to add Roger’s Wall-to-Wall Wi-Fi, you can sign up for it here.