Voice control finally comes to Amazon’s Alexa iOS app

Alexa for iOS

Amazon’s Alexa app on iOS finally supports voice control.

This means users can now interact with Echo devices and other smart home products through spoken commands.

The Alexa app first made its way to iOS back in March 2017, with voice control launching on Android devices back in January. That said, it’s impossible to set Alexa as iOS’ main voice-activated assistant like it is with Android smartphones, as you may have already guessed.

This means that users will need to first launch the Alexa app before being able to interact with the assistant via voice commands. Alexa’s voice commands allow users to perform actions like turning on smart lights or changing the temperature of their Wi-Fi enabled thermostat.

While, not as convenient as just uttering a command to an always listening device, it’s good to see more third-party voice-activated assistants making their way to Apple’s iOS operating system.

Google Assistant is also available on iOS.

Amazon says that the voice update to its iOS Alexa app is rolling out now and should arrive on all supported Apple devices over the course of the next few weeks.