Instagram is testing out a ‘Lite’ version of its app for developing markets

The new version is designed to capture new users for the company

Instagram iOS app on phone

Instagram is doing whatever it can to grow its user base and its latest ploy is a lite version of its Android app.

The company has confirmed to TechCrunch that it’s testing a lite version of its app in Mexico, which it plans to make available in other countries soon.

Instagram Lite is incredibly small, coming in at just 573KB. It’s tiny compared to the standard version, which on the Huawei P20 Pro is 335MB and 229MB on the Moto Z3 Play.

This compressed app offers most of the same functions as its regular sibling. What’s missing is the options to share videos or to send direct messages to other users.

Instagram Lite isn’t available in Canada, but it going to be really useful for people in developing countries. Facebook released a lite version of its app in 2015, which it followed up with Messenger Lite Uber has offered a Lite version since the start of 2018.

Users can check out the app on the Google Play Store here, but most people won’t be able to download it.

Source: TechCrunch