Master Adobe Creative Cloud apps with this $39 training bundle

If you are pursuing or plan to pursue a creative career, you will have undoubtedly encountered the Adobe Creative Cloud suite. Creative professionals such as artists, animators, film editors, and more rely on Adobe CC applications to create astonishing work.

Adobe CC is a subscription service providing access to Adobe’s most popular apps such as Photoshop and Premiere Pro, each offering nearly unlimited functionality and potential. Many professionals spend hundreds of dollars to train themselves in Adobe apps, but you can teach yourself with training bundle, which you can find in our store for $38.64 CAD [$29 USD].

The Complete Adobe CC Training Bundle features 7 courses and 65 hours of content which will teach you the skills such as using adjustment layers in Photoshop or animating with code in Flash. By the end of the course, you’ll have the skills necessary to become a professional animator, photo retoucher, post-production editor, and more.

Individually, you would pay at least $105.26 CAD [$79 USD] per course, with the entire bundle totaling $896.68 CAD [$673 USD]. However, you can grab the entire bundle from our store for 95% off, or just $38.64 CAD [$29 USD].