Microsoft’s Surface Connect to USB-C adapter now available in Canada

Live the biggest dongle life with this monster from Microsoft

Microsoft Surface Connect to USB-C dongle

The USB Type C adapter Microsoft hinted at last year is now available in Canada today.

The adapter uses the Surface Connect port to connect USB-C devices. As dongles go, this one is quite large. It’s big and boxy and overall looks rather unruly, measuring in at 8.2cm long by 4cm wide by 2 m tall.

When you add in the Surface Connect cable, the length jumps to 28.4 cm — talk about ‘big dongle energy.’

It connects to the proprietary Surface Connect port on current model Surface Pro and Surface Laptop. It’s only compatible with these systems (Pro models 1796 and 1807 and Laptop model 1769).

The adapter offers a single USB-C port, which can be used to charge the computer. However, since there’s only one port you can’t charge the computer and also use a USB-C peripheral. Charging requires an adapter that outputs 27 watts or more with minimum 12 volts.

If all you’re looking to do is connect Type C peripherals, you’re probably better off with a Type C to Type adapter. Not only are those adapters less expensive, you’re also able to charge your computer at the same time.

The only real benefit to the Microsoft adapter is that it makes your USB-C peripherals magnetic. However, that’s a fairly small upside for a dongle this massive.

If having the biggest dongle on the block is your thing, the cable is available on the Microsoft store for $99.99.

Source: Microsoft