Amazon Canada competes with Google, discounts Echo and Echo Dot to $99 and $39

Amazon Echo Dot

Google recently put its smart speakers on sale in Canada, which slashed the cost of the Home and Home Mini to $99 and $39, respectively. Amazon, one of Google’s direct competitors has followed suit and matched the prices for two of its Echo Alexa-powered devices.

For those interested, Amazon Canada is now selling the Echo Dot (2nd Generation) for $39.99, which represents a savings of 43 percent from the original $69.99 price tag. In addition, the Echo (2nd Generation) has fallen to $99.99 in Canada. This is a price cut of $30, or 23 percent.

There is no indication from Amazon Canada as to when the sale ends, however, Google and its retailers noted the Home promo is happening until July 12th.

Source: Amazon Canada