What do you think is the worst smartphone feature ever?

Essential Phone with Essential 360 Camera

Everyone is always talking about what features they want most on a smartphone. However, out of all of the handsets we’ve seen throughout the years we got to stop to ask ourselves, what is the worst smartphone feature.

Were there any really bad smartphone features throughout the years?

  • Were 3D displays horrible? HTC and LG both tackled the 3D smartphone market. The feature, however, didn’t last too long and it’s a functionality we don’t see anymore.
  • A dedicated Facebook button seemed like a cool idea at first, but let’s be honest, it’s a horrible waste of space. Sorry HTC and Nokia those were terrible ideas and possibly the worst phone feature ever.
  • The iPhone X-inspired notch and even the Essential phone cutout both seem like good ideas as they allow smartphones to have more screen real-estate. However, they are widely hated, but while it’s far from being the worst smartphone feature ever. Looking back a year or two from now we may have a different tune.
  • Squeezing your smartphone to perform an action might be something that I enjoy, however, is the HTC Edge Sense or Google’s Active Edge actually a smart idea? The jury is still out on whether it’s the “worst” feature ever however, it’s definitely far from being the greatest.
  • Unmappable smart assistants are a horrible idea. What a lot of people love about their Android smartphones are their freedom and customization. Adding a button that can’t be customized causes frustration and due to that many Android users seek ways of disabling or somehow changing a button like, Samsung’s Bixby button.
  • Pop up cameras are also not the greatest idea as more the mechanisms a smartphone has, the more things that can break.
  • Persistent notifications are very annoying, thankfully Android will get rid of this with full release of Android 8.0 Oreo.

Thermometers in smartphones, phones with keyboards, modular smartphones are also ideas and features that have died or are slowly dying.

All in all there were plenty of useless features on smartphones and I know I missed plenty.

However, what do you think was the worst smartphone feature ever? Let us know in the comments below.