eBay tries to take on Prime Day, offers its own deals starting July 16th

eBay sign

eBay is taking on Amazon Prime Day with its own set of deals.

In one of the most aggressive press releases I’ve ever seen, the online retailer proclaims that there is no need for a membership to get its deals. The company repeatedly called out Amazon’s ‘members only’ deals in the release. Instead of locking things down for members, eBay is offering up to 75 percent off retail price to anyone.

Users can visit the ecommerce website here to get access to these deals starting the week of July 16th. Conveniently, that’s when Amazon Prime Day starts this year too.

Furthermore, the company offers free shipping on all its Canadian Deal items.

eBay also dropped some big names. The site will feature deals from Samsung, Adidas and Dyson, among others.

If waiting isn’t your thing, that’s fine too. The online retailer offers deals through that deals page constantly, with free shipping on Canadian items.

The thing is, eBay isn’t just an online auction. It’s trying to change up that reputation, as a lot of people only think of the site as just an online auction platform. According to statistics shared by the company, 88 percent of items sold on the site are ‘Buy it Now.’ Buy it Now items don’t require a bid.

Furthermore, 80 percent of merchandise is brand new. eBay is working to grow the selection of new items as well, according to the company.

The website has 171 million active buyers around the world. Additionally, the service has 1.1 billion live listings.

If you’re not a Prime member or if Prime Day doesn’t have what you’re looking for, keep an eye on eBay later this month. The site will have some good deals as well and hopefully prove to be a competitor.

Amazon dominates the online retail space — a healthy does of competition should shake things up.

eBay recently announced its new ‘Best Price Guarantee.’ For any new item purchased in Canada, users can price match from select sites within 48 hours. Users will receive a coupon for 110 percent of the difference which they can use towards the next purchase.

Source: eBay