Light is working on a phone with up to a nine rear-camera setup

Currently, smartphones like the Huawei P20 Pro and the HTC U12+ boast four cameras — rumour has it LG wants to up the game to five (two on the front and three at the rear) — but all of that may pale in comparison to the nine camera smartphone camera startup Light is working on.

Light, the company behind the L16, a camera with, you guessed it, 16 lenses, is reportedly experimenting with a prototype handset that features between five to nine camera lenses on its rear.

Light says that its working prototype is capable of capturing 64-megapixel shots that’s capable of improved low-light and depth of field performance compared to the current crop of smartphone cameras.

The Washington Post says Light will announce the new phone later this year.

It’s unclear how much a phone with nine cameras will cost. However, Light’s 16-lens camera retails at $1,950 USD  ($2566.09 CAD) so it’s likely a phone with so many cameras will also be quite pricey.

Source: Washington Post Via: The Verge

Image Credit: Washington Post