The world’s best dressed Pokémon is finally coming to Pokémon Go

The biggest reason to get out and start playing Pokémon Go again is coming

Niantic has finally answered our prayers and added the best looking Pokémon to its popular augmented reality mobile game Pokémon Go.

The game holds a Community Day every month to help users catch rare Pokémon. The latest July 8th event tasks trainers with banding together to catch a special Squirtle variant.

The best thing about this Squirtle is its attire. There’s an episode in the original season of the Pokémon TV show called the “Squirtle Squad” where Ash encounters his first Squirtle. When Ash meets the Pokémon he finds out that it’s part of a gang of Squirtles that are all wearing sweet sunglasses.


In the TV show, the Squirtles sport two distinct types of frames, but we don’t know which one will be added to Pokémon Go as of right now.

The main Squirtle wears high-fashion, high-angle frames that place this Pokémon’s iconic look somewhere between arcade-going badass and beautiful renaissance painting.

It’s also unclear if the shades remain as Pokémon evolves, or if they’re Squirtle-exclusive eyewear — it would be really cool to have a Blastoise that’s rocking a slick pair of sunnies. There’s hope for this theory because Pokémon Go’s Pikachu variant with a hat still keeps its chapeau when it evolves.

The event begins on Sunday, July 8th at 5pm ET/2PM PT.

Image credit: Bulbapedia