Virgin Mobile offering two-year, $85/10GB upgrade deal to some customers

The offer comes in the wake of deals from parent company Bell, as well as Rogers and Telus

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Bell mid-tier flanker brand Virgin Mobile is reportedly offering existing members a two-year 10GB data plan for $85.

Subscribers also have the option of purchasing “select phones” from $0.

According to a text message sent to Twitter user Brad Urbanowicz, existing Virgin subscribers have until July 15th, 2018 to upgrade to the plan.

The upgrade offer also includes unlimited Canada-wide talk-and-text, and seems to only be available in-store.

Urbanowicz told MobileSyrup that he’s currently subscribed to a $60/10GB Virgin plan.

Recovering from the $60/10GB data blitz

This latest deal from Virgin comes in the wake of a series of ‘win back’ offers aimed at winning back customers who capitalized on last year’s $60/10GB data plans.

Interestingly enough, Virgin-parent Bell was the first of Canada’s major carriers to offer a win back deal, with a two-year $85/10GB plan.

Rogers then offered a two-year $80/10GB plan that also came with a $500 credit and the option to purchase certain devices for $0 down.

Finally, Telus was the last of the big three to offer a win back deal, which provided would-be subscribers with a two-year $76/10GB plan with the option to purchase a Samsung Galaxy Note 8 for $0 down.

It’s worth noting that no carrier has explicitly mentioned that it’s attempting to win back customers who subscribed to a $60/10GB deal.

However, it’s difficult to ignore the spectre of those Christmas deals, especially since each carrier is now offering potential subscribers a 10GB data bucket.

Additionally, according to users on Red Flag Deals, Bell and Rogers specifically sent out messages to individuals who subscribed to $60/10GB plans. In contrast, the Telus win back offer was reportedly sent to a former subscriber who left the carrier for a Manitoba Koodo plan.

Source: Twitter

Update 03/07/2018 5:31pm ET: Story updated with additional reporting.