Netflix is testing a new, more expensive ‘Ultra’ subscription tier

Right now the new Netflix tier is only available in some European regions


Slowly, but steadily, Netflix has added new subscription tiers to its streaming service over the last few years.

Now it looks like the popular streaming video platform could have plans to introduce a new higher priced ‘Ultra’ subscription tier. The new subscription level, which is currently showing up for some users in Europe — as reported by TuttoAndroid — is priced in the 16.99 to 19.99 Euros range (which comes to $26 CAD to $30).

This is considerably higher than the current $13.99 CAD ‘Premium’ tier currently offered by Netflix. Netflix confirmed the new subscription level’s existence in a statement to a variety of publications.

“In this case, we are testing slightly different price points and features to better understand how consumers value Netflix,” said Netflix in the statement.

According to, the Ultra tier seems to be very similar to what Premium offers, though high dynamic range (HDR) is exclusive to ‘Ultra.’

Currently HDR is only available in Netflix’s ‘Premium’ $13.99 subscription level, along with 4K resolution streaming. It’s likely if Netflix does opt to introduce a new pricing level, that it will only affect new subscribers or those looking to upgrade their subscription.

It’s unclear if Netflix plans to release this premium pricing tier in additional regions around the world.