Tesla’s self-parking ‘Summon’ feature is now available on the Model 3 in Canada

The feature is included with the $6,600 CAD Enhanced Autopilot trim upgrade

Tesla Autopilot render

Electric vehicle manufacturer Tesla has shared a video on Twitter that shows the Model 3 using the company’s ‘Summon’ feature.

Summon is an add-on that users can choose to purchase when they buy their car. It’s part of the Enhanced Autopilot trim option, which costs $6,600 CAD at the time of purchase and $7,900 afterwards, and it allows users to automatically call their car out of their garage.

Users can call their car and it will drive from their garage to their front door to pick them up or vice versa.

There are a few limitations that hold Summon from being as perfect as a valet. The feature only allows the car to drive in a straight line for up to 12 metres.

This functionality is still fairly slick and allows users a good amount of control to make sure it works. According to Teslarati, users can adjust their bumper clearance, side clearance and total summon distance from inside of the car.

Even though this isn’t as futuristic as it first sounds, the Summon feature is a good starting place to show some of the cooler features that self-driving cars will be able to do in the future.

Source: Tesla Via: Teslarati