Virgin Mobile increases data overage charges from 7¢/MB to 10¢/MB

Virgin Mobile logo

Similar to its parent company Bell, Virgin Mobile has increased its data overage fees from $0.07 per 1MB to $0.10 per 1MB.

According to information obtained by MobileSyrup, the overage increase went into effect as of today. The carrier has already updated its website with the new pricing.

The new overage fee translates roughly into $100 per 1GB, compared the previous $70 per 1GB. Of course, users will have to consent to overage fees more than $50, per the Wireless Code. The account holder can consent to paying extra fees, but otherwise the $50 overage amounts to 500MB, under the new pricing.

After speaking to a Bell spokesperson yesterday MobileSyrup learned that the overage fee increase will not affect existing customers that remain on previous plans and it’s no different with the flanker brand.

“A data overage increase would only be for new members signing up on these plans, or existing members who switch from their current plan to the new in-market plans. This does not impact existing members that remain on their current plans,” a Virgin Mobile spokesperson told MobileSyrup.

It appears Rogers, Telus and their flanker brands have yet to raise their overage fees.