Learn how to eliminate waste with this lean six sigma certification bundle

Inefficiency creates waste, and waste costs money. Whether it’s overproduction or underutilized talent, it’s possible that the organization you work for creates waste in its processes. Learning Lean Six Sigma can help you and your organization create more value from fewer resources. For $90.79 CAD [$69 USD] this bundle will help you earn a Black Belt certification in Lean Six Sigma so you can identify and eliminate waste from your organization.

In this bundle, you’ll find over 50 hours of content to teach you the core concepts of Lean and Six Sigma, such as waste reduction and process mapping. Once you’ve earned your Black Belt, which will allow you to apply Lean Six Sigma in any field. Additionally, this bundle contains courses from specialized environments like healthcare and IT.

The courses in the Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Master Certification Bundle range from $130.19 to $524.71 CAD each, coming out to a total of $1,307.17 if purchased individually. However, you can grab all six courses from our store for $90.74 CAD [$69 USD], or 93% off.