Learn up to five new languages with a Mondly subscription

Knowing how to speak multiple languages fluently is useful, especially if you enjoy traveling. However, learning how to speak another language can be difficult if you don’t have a native speaker to coach you.

Unfortunately, we can’t just access a native speaker for any language of our choosing just like that. You would need to enroll in classes, which also requires time and money. Mondly aims to change that with a conversation-focused curriculum that you can study from your phone; you can subscribe to Mondly today for as low as $52.52 CAD [$39.99 USD].

Mondly’s courses will teach you how to converse in everyday situations such as interacting with restaurant staff and shop assistants. It uses speech recognition technology to identify key words and phrases in your speech and rewards you when you speak correctly. Additionally, you can converse with native speakers to learn pronunciation.

Mondly has lifetime subscriptions to one, three, and five languages for $315.33 CAD[$239.95 USD], $946.07 CAD [$719.85 USD], and $1,576.72 CAD [$1,199.75 USD] respectively. However, you can find a 5-language subscription in our store for $92.02 CAD [$69.99 USD], or 94% off. That’s less than the price of a single language subscription.