Apple’s new ‘Memory’ treats the iPhone X’s Face ID with whimsy and humour

Apple's humorous new Memory iPhone X ad

Apple has released a humorous new ad that highlights the iPhone X’s Face ID functionality.

The ad, titled ‘Memory’, features a middle-aged man who finds himself in a dramatic game show in which he’s forced to remember a password.

“This morning, you created an online banking password. What is it?” asks the stern host, as gasps trickle out throughout the audience. Over the course of the next minute, we see our contestant fumble as he tries to remember the password in question. “Muffins. Nah, that’s not her name. Not anymore,” he mumbles at one point.

Thankfully, the iPhone X, Face ID and a third-party password manager save the day.

“Your face is your password,” declares Apple at the end of it all, after a third act twist.

All in all, it’s a fun way to illustrate one of the iPhone X’s marquee features.

Apple’s ads have featured a slightly more whimsical tone as of late. Last week, the company released three soccer-themed ‘Shot on iPhone’ shorts in honour of the World Cup.

Source: Apple