BC Green Party leader pushing for ride-hailing legalization in the province

Uber logo

British Columbia Green Party leader Andrew Weaver is calling for the NDP government to legalize ride-hailing services like Uber and Lyft in the province.

Weaver is accusing the provincial government of deliberately stalling legislation promised at the end of last year. Additionally, he blamed the previous BC Liberal government for also dragging out the legalization process. According to Weaver, failing to move forward with services that are available in other areas will hold the province back.

“We still seem to be hung up on the fact that it needs to be studied in BC. We actually need to get on with it. It’s much more than just having and not having,” said Weaver. “It’s that if you are trying to brand yourself as a place of innovation, as a go-to destination, you cannot be considered that if you’re not willing to embrace the innovation.”

Weaver cited a comprehensive report on the legalization that was ordered months ago, which he says will help get ride-hailing services up and running before the end of the year. Despite Premier John Horgan recently suggesting that legislation may not be approved this fall, Weaver maintained that the government can’t politically afford to break a promise a second time.

“If not, the government has an awful lot of explaining to do because not only did they commit to having it done last year, they re-committed to having it done this year.”

Via: 1130News