Calgary police officers to wear Axon body cameras

Calgary Police Service van

The Calgary Police Service (CPS) has announced that its officers will soon begin wearing body cameras from connected law enforcement technologies company Axon.

Calgary is the first Canadian city and 44th major North American city to join the Axon Network.

While the CPS cameras will be provided by Axon, they will also be backed by digital evidence management system

Axon received CPS’ order for the cameras in the second quarter of 2018 and will deploy them by the end of July in multiple phases based on a successful 100 camera proof of concept.

“Our experience with some of the largest cities in the world along with our platform will help the efforts of the Calgary Police Service to create a safe, transparent, accountable and innovative policing environment,” said Vishal Dhir, Axon managing director or Canada & Latin America, in a press statement. “We believe this will not only help CPS in their community, but can also serve as a model for other Canadian agencies.”

Altogether, Axon says it has over 226,900 software seats booked on its network.

Image credit: Flickr — Mitchell Smith

Source: Canada Newswire