For $26, this developer’s bundle will make life a bit easier

As a programmer, you’ll spend the majority of your life in front of a screen. This Apptorium Developer’s Productivity Bundle contains 4 apps to make your screen time more bearable. You can find the bundle here for $26.25 CAD ($19.99 USD).

If you use multiple monitors, you can be easily distracted by the bright screens surrounding you. ScreenFocus alleviates this by dimming screens you aren’t focused on. Simply move your cursor from monitor to monitor to focus on a screen. You can adjust dim levels and fade duration in the settings.

Writing code can be tedious, but TeaCode will cut down on your coding time. Write a pattern with one of TeaCode’s 80+ expanders and press the shortcut button, and TeaCode will write everything for you. It contains expanders for languages such as PHP and Swift, but you can create custom expanders for any job.

Do you need a tool to test regular expressions? The Expressions app will do just that. Simply input your expression, and the app will test it instantly. Expressions features a minimalist UI with syntax highlighting to make testing as simple as possible.

When you fire up your computer, you probably have to set up all of your apps and tabs just right before you start working. Workspaces lets you save your resources and quickly launches them at the click of a button, saving you time when beginning your work day.

The Apptorium Developer’s Productivity Bundle usually costs $66.93 CAD [$50.96 USD], but you can find it here for 60% off, or $26.25 CAD [$19.99 USD].