Google is testing an Android Auto shortcut button that’s like Facebook’s Chat Heads

It might soon be easier to suspend the Android Auto app

Google is testing out a new feature in Android Auto called ‘Minimize app’ that makes it easier to switch in and out of Android Auto.

This new update seems to be designed for people who use Android Auto on their phones, instead of using it with a car’s built-in display.

The update, which is still in its testing phase, was discovered by an XDA Developer’s reader. The main addition of the update is to add a button that instantly shrinks down the Android Auto interface. Once the interface closes it adds a floating button overlay – similarly to Facebook Messenger’s Chat Heads – that instantly opens the driving interface again.

This button could be useful for when a driver pulls over and needs to change a setting in their phone before getting back on the road.

Currently, whenever a user tries to leave the Android Auto interface the phone asks, “are you sure you want to exit Android Auto?” Then, once the user leaves the app, it fails to join their list of open apps — so they have to restart it when they want to use it again. This new button should cut this process down a few taps and make it easier for people to switch between driving mode and phone mode on the go.

According to XDA Developers, the new button is buried in the code of version 3.3.582064, but it’s not available yet since Google likes to thoroughly test updates to Android Auto before publicly releasing them.

Image Credit:XDA Developers

Source: XDA Developers