Samsung Galaxy S10+ to feature five cameras: report

Samsung store

With the phone still more than six months away from being revealed, the Samsung Galaxy S10+ has been attracting a significant amount of attention, with the most recent rumour revealing that the phone features five cameras. The report comes from South Korean publican The Bell, which states the phone will offer two front-facing cameras, similar to the Galaxy A8.

Meanwhile, leaks from last week indicate the phone will sport three rear-facing cameras. 

The report points to Samsung using the second front-facing camera to improve its face scanning technology. This makes sense considering previous rumours indicating that Samsung will get rid of its iris scanning technology in favour of 3D face sensing technology that’s more akin to Apple’s Face ID. 

Other rumours point to the Samsung Galaxy S10+ featuring a 6.44-inch display with an in-display fingerprint scanner.

LG’s V40 is also rumoured to feature five cameras, two front-facing and the remainder of the shooters on the rear.

Currently, the only phone in the market with three rear-facing cameras is the Huawei P20 Pro.

Source: The Bell, Via:  9to5Google