Snapchat will reportedly launch a ‘find product on Amazon feature’

Snapchat partners with Shopify

Snapchat is reportedly going to use its camera as a search engine to look up products on Amazon. The code for the potentially upcoming feature was first reported by TechCrunch by way of app researcher Ishan Agarwal.

The camera-search feature, called Visual Search, could identify objects, songs and barcodes by sending the data to Amazon, Shazam and other companies.

The feature seems similar to Google Lens, as all the user needs to do is snap a photo, press and hold the image and the app will pull up sellers information and reviews. From there, the user can copy the link and share it with friends, likely via Snap messages or Snapchat Stories.

When Snapchat cannot find the product it’ll read “Bummer, we didn’t catch that!”

While it seems similar to Lens, Snapchat will be using third-party integration such as Amazon.

Source: TechCrunch