Google Pay is getting updated to support boarding passes and tickets

Google Pay is starting to become a much more robust digital wallet

Google Pay now supports boarding passes, tickets and money transfers, in a move that positions it more directly in competition with Apple’s Wallet app.

The service is launching with support from Ticketmaster and Southwest Airlines. The airline ticket function is available for everyone, but Google is not supporting any Canadian airlines yet. Google is planning on adding Eventbrite tickets and more in the future too. The tickets will be saved in the ‘Passes’ tab along with loyalty and gift cards.

The app is combining with Google Pay Send, allowing users to now send and receive money right from the Google Pay app. So far this feature is only available in the U.S., but MobileSyrup has reached out to see if it’s coming to Canadians.

Users can even split a bill from within the app. Just select what transaction you want to split then choose what contacts you want to request payment from.

The company updated how users manage their cards and accounts. The interface for this is now much cleaner and everything in the app is synced with the user’s Google Account. Now users can even alter their payment information online on a newly updated website.

Google Pay, as it’s now known, has only been out in Canada since January. While it works well for most people it’s still missing notable Canadian banks like RBC and TD.

Android users can download Google Pay here.

Source: Google