Slack updates search features with personalized results and new filters

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Slack, the cloud-based team collaboration tool beloved by start-ups and tech companies, is getting better at searching.

The collaborative tool had search for some time, but it hasn’t been good search. Thankfully the Slack team has recognized this and is pushing out an update to improve search features.

The update uses a combination of new search filters and personalized results to make it easier to find things. Additionally, the search bar gets much bigger so you can see more results.

How it works

Personalized results base answers to your queries off of the people you communicate with most often. Also, personalized results take into account files Slack thinks are relevant to you, the channels you participate in and more.

These are the first results you see when you start typing in search. If these personalized results don’t work, users can press enter to expand the search window further.

The expanded window greets users with options to refine their search. This includes a number of powerful filters that sort searches by file type, category, people, channels and direct messages.

Filters are personalized as well, offering different results based on the search query. If those suggested filters don’t work, you can always add more.

Most importantly, the more you use search in Slack, the better it’s going to get.

The features are rolling out over the next few weeks, so don’t expect the new search to be up and running when you get into work tomorrow.

Source: Slack