Spotify finally lets users re-order playlists on Android

Spotify's apps on Android and iOS are now very similar


Spotify users on Android can now re-order their playlists in the mobile app.

The ability to re-order tracks on a Spotify playlist on Android has been curiously absent since the app launched back in 2012.

Android Spotify users could only rearrange their playlists in the ‘Up next’ queue after they started listening to the playlist — an annoyingly time-consuming workaround.

A good playlist takes time to create and generally has a good flow from song to song. Spotify even has a crossfade function on mobile that makes lining up songs that work well together even more fun.

The company first shared that they were working on this feature at the end of June.

Now that the app is more or less on par with the iOS version we can hope that Spotify is going to start working on bringing both mobile applications some of the cooler features from the desktop platform. It would be really nice to add custom artwork to a playlist on mobile or if the service was able to upload and store local music in the cloud, like iTunes Match or Google Play Music.

So far this update hasn’t rolled out for me, but according to Android Police, version of the app is getting the update

Source: Android Police