Videotron offering $67.95/10GB BYOD plan in Ottawa until July 25

The deal doesn’t appear to be online, and is being circulated through flyer mail

Videotron website on phone

Quebec-based regional carrier Videotron is offering Ottawa residents a 10GB plan with nationwide talk-and-text for $67.95 per month.

According to a flyer received by Canadian telecom industry analyst Ben Klass, the plan is only available until July 25th, 2018, and requires that new subscribers bring their own devices.

The flyer received by Klass indicates that potential subscribers can visit the Place D’Orleans Shopping Centre on Place D’Orleans Drive, visit the St. Laurent Shopping Centre on St. Laurent Drive, or call 1-877-380-9584 to learn more about the deal.

In the fine print, the flyer states that the promotional plan is the Canada 6GB plan with a free 4GB add-on. It also notes that prices are subject to change without prior notice.

Videotron’s existing 6GB plan comes with 2GB of bonus data, and costs $87.95.

This latest Videotron offer is no doubt part of the company’s attempts to “position itself as an alternative to the current mobile carriers” in the area.

Source: Twitter