iOS 11.3 glitch caused iPhone to crash when ‘Taiwan’ is written

iPhone X

China has strict rules when it comes to the country’s denial of Taiwan as a sovereign nation, some of which affect how smartphones are used in the country.

In an effort to appease the Chinese government, Apple seems to have inadvertently included a bug in a previous version of its mobile operating system, according to a new report from a security researcher.

Patrick Wardle, the chief security researcher at Digita Security, has reported that OS 11.3 and earlier includes a bug that causes some iPhone users’ devices to crash when the word ‘Taiwan,’ or the Taiwanese flag emoji is written. This glitch occurred in any app running on the smartphone, according to Wardle.

While Wardle isn’t exactly clear how the bug works, according to his blog post, he says that specific language and region settings returned a ‘null code’ that caused the smartphone to crash whenever Taiwan was referenced.

The bug has since been fixed with the release of iOS 11.4.1. The glitch also didn’t occur consistently, unlike past Apple text bugs.

It was also even possible to fix the issue by switching the smartphone’s region from China to another area of the world.

Source: Objective-See Via: Axios