Lower-end 2018 LCD iPhone will launch after high-end versions, says report

iPhone X

It looks like the iPhone’s 2018 release lineup could stray from what we typically see from Apple.

The tech giant’s lower-end iPhone 9 will reportedly launch a few months after its two high-end counterparts, according to a new report from BayStreet Research founding partner Cliff Maldonado, as first reported by PCMags’ Sascha Segan.

Maldonado predicts that Apple’s line of 2019 iPhones will be announced at a September 11th event. The three upcoming iPhones, including a new ‘Plus’ sized device based on the iPhone X’s design — with both smartphones featuring OLED displays — will eventually be accompanied by a cheaper device that features an LCD screen.

While the two high-end iPhones are tipped to go on sale on September 21st, according to Maldonado, the lower-end iPhone is predicted to drop a few weeks later on November 2nd. This is reportedly because Apple wants to concentrate consumer and media attention on its two high-end iPhones.

This seems to conflict with somewhat sketchy reports that emerged back in June related to the LCD iPhone 9 being delayed as a result of supply chain panel issues.

Three iPhone X-like smartphone are expected to launch this fall: a 6.1-inch LCD iPhone that features just one rear-facing camera, along with a less expensive price tag, a 5.8-inch OLED iPhone, and a 6.5-inch OLED iPhone.

All three smartphones are expected to include notched displays and will feature Apple’s ‘TrueDepth’ camera system and Face ID authentication technology.

Source: PCMag