SaskTel lost approximately 8,400 wireless customers between 2017 and 2018

The carrier attributes the loss to the shuttering of its CDMA services

Sasktel headquarters

Saskatchewan-based Crown carrier SaskTel announced that it lost 8,434 customers between 2017 and 2018.

According to the carrier’s 2017/2018 financial report, SaskTel went from boasting 615,882 wireless customers in 2017 to 607,448 wireless customers in 2018.

SaskTel stated that the loss of customers was a result of the carrier’s shuttering of its CDMA network.

“Prepaid access counts decreased year over year as a result of the CDMA exit in July 2017, when a large number of inactive prepaid accounts were terminated,” reads an excerpt from SaskTel’s latest financial report.

The carrier also reported a revenue of $1.25 billion in its 2017/2018 financial report.

Of that number, SaskTel’s telecom business generated $340.2 million. The carrier reported a net income of $121.0 million. While the carrier’s figures are certainly impressive, SaskTel missed target revenues and target net income for 2017/2018.

The carrier aimed for a total revenue of $1.32 billion, a telecom revenue of $373.9 million and a net income of $122.1 million.

In comparison to its 2017 figures, SaskTel’s overall revenue dropped by roughly $29.6 million, while its net income dropped by $13.8 million. SaskTel’s wireless revenue also decreased by $14.0 million compared to 2016/2017.

In spite of the loss of some of its wireless customers, the carrier’s internet customers increased, going from 275,356 in 2017 to 279,031 in 2018.

Source: SaskTel Via: CBC News