Firefox Focus update has biometric authentication, available on BlackBerry Key 2

Firefox Focus splash screen

Mozilla released an update for its Firefox Focus browser today with a new features and support for a new phone.

Focus, Mozilla’s privacy-oriented browser for mobile devices, is now available on the BlackBerry Key 2. To make things even more exciting, Firefox Focus now comes pre-installed on the Key 2.

Along with the Key 2 support, Focus supports biometric authentication on the Key 2 and on iOS devices. Using a finger or Face ID, users can unlock the browser in order to use it. For added security, the browser automatically locks again when it goes to the background.

Furthermore, Firefox Focus also has new Custom Tab features. If Focus is the default browser on your device, and you open a link from some third-party apps, like Twitter or Yelp, Focus will open the page and maintain the look and feel of the original app. This feature is only available to Android users.

Finally, Focus now has in-page search so you can easily find keywords on webpages, as well as a new option for users to request the desktop version of the site.

To use these options, simply tap the menu button and select ‘Find in page’ to search the website. Alternatively, select ‘Request desktop site’ to load the desktop version of the website you’re browsing.

Firefox Focus is a privacy browser designed to be user-friendly, efficient and secure.

Focus is available for Android and iPhone and the latest version is available as well.

Source: Mozilla