Koodo offering existing subscribers $15/3GB bring-your-own-tablet plan

The offer is currently only available in-store

koodo mobile

Telus flanker brand Koodo has added a new plan that offers 3GB of tablet data for $15 per month to existing subscribers who bring their own tablets to the carrier.

While the plan costs $15 per month, there is an additional one-time $30 connection fee which includes the cost of a SIM card.

The bring-your-own-tablet offer is currently only available in-store, and is also only available to existing Koodo subscribers who have a mobile phone plan.

How Koodo compares

Canada’s big three carrier all offer tablet plans at various data and pricing structures, but Koodo’s primary tablet data competitors are Fido — the mid-tier Rogers flanker — and Freedom Mobile.

Fido sells a $15 tablet plan that provides users with 3GB of data and is available for BYOD Fido postpaid customers, while Freedom Mobile offers a $15 plan that provides users with 4GB of data. A Freedom representative confirmed to MobileSyrup that customers can bring their own tablet to use the plan.

Bell flanker brand Virgin Mobile doesn’t advertise a BYOD tablet plan and a sales representative confirmed to MobileSyrup that they were not able to offer a BYOD tablet line.

MobileSyrup has reached out to Virgin Mobile’s communications team for confirmation.

It’s important to note that Virgin Mobile, does, however, offer a limited-time $20 per month 3GB plan on a two-year contract and a $15/100MB monthly data plan.

Source: Koodo Via: RedFlagDeals