Pay what you want to become a machine learning developer

AI is being harnessed in just about every industry thanks to machine learning, so the demand for developers and data scientists with machine learning knowledge is increasing. Luckily, it’s not hard to learn how machine learning works if you have the right tools. This Total Python Machine Learning Bundle will teach you Python fundamentals to prepare you for a career in machine learning.

Here’s how the deal works: by paying what you want, you’ll gain access to one of the bundle’s 8 courses. If you pay higher than the average price, you’ll be given all of the courses. Finally, if you beat the leader’s price, you’ll land a spot on the leaderboard and be entered in a giveaway.

The bundle contains 8 courses which will give you machine learning experience in Python. The first course can be learned with zero Python experience, but by the time you complete the bundle, you’ll have gained a solid understanding of how to gain insights from unsupervised deep learning, implementing classification models with Python’s scikit-learn, designing recommendation systems, and more.

Simply name your price to get started with the Pay What You Want: Total Python Machine Learning Bundle.