Here’s a photo of Samsung’s DJ Koh using the Note 9

The illest DJ in the world deserves the world's freshest phone

DJ Koh using the Note 10

Over the past couple of weeks, Samsung’s upcoming Note 9 smartphone has leaked multiple times. Prior to today, however, we had yet to see the device out in the wild.

That changed on Monday courtesy of an unlikely source: the head of Samsung Mobile himself, DJ Koh.

Koh was photographed using the new flagship at a media event. With a furrowed brow that would make even Mark Wahlberg jealous, we see Koh hard at work on his Note 9.

What gives the phone away is its back. While the Note 9 shares many similarities with its predecessor, the Note 8, past leaks have shown the upcoming smartphone will feature a more thoughtfully placed fingerprint sensor, with the scanner reportedly located below the main camera array, instead of to the right of it like on the Note 8. The cutout on the case Koh has on his Note 9 is clearly designed to accommodate the new design.

At the same media event, Koh commented on the Samsung’s plans to integrate in-display fingerprint technology into its upcoming phones, including the S10 and Note 10. He also let slip that the new Bluetooth-enabled S-Pen will include some gaming-related features.

Samsung will officially announce the Note 9 at a press event scheduled to take place in New York City on August 9th.

Source: SamMobile