Here’s how to fix macOS Mojave’s weird Chrome checkbox and button issue

macOS Mojave

I’ve been running the latest beta version of Apple’s upcoming macOS Mojave update for the last few weeks now.

While I’ve encountered the occasional crash, which is to be expected, given this is a beta OS after all, something that’s perplexed me is a strange issue where checkboxes and buttons don’t show up in Chrome.

At first, I assumed the problem was somehow related to Chrome, causing me to clear my browser’s cache and even go so far as to completely reinstall Google’s browser.

It seems that in reality, this odd glitch is somehow related to the most recent version of the Mojave beta. While you could always just use one of the many other browsers out there to avoid the problem — for example, Apple’s Safari or Mozilla’s Firefox — I’ve always preferred Chrome because it easily allows me to sync my bookmarks and other data across various devices and operating systems.

To my surprise, there’s a quick fix that solves this issue. There’s a specific Chrome Extension developed by someone who goes by the online handle ‘hansknoechel92’ that seems to have solved the issue.

“When using macOS 11.14 Mojave (Beta), Chrome does not render the checkboxes properly. To work around it, this plugin sets the zoom-level of each page to 1.000001, which fixes the issue until Chrome officially supports Mojave. This plugin is open source and available via GitHub:”

Another solution that’s relatively easy — especially if you’re concerned with forgetting to uninstall the Chrome plugin once you’re no longer running the macOS Mojave beta — is simply to just hold down ‘Command’ and hit the ‘Plus’ or ‘Minus’ key on your keyboard in order to enlarge or shrink the page you’re viewing.

This is a manual way of making the invisible boxes return.

To be clear, this issue seems to only be affecting Chrome and not Firefox or Safari.

Via: Lifehacker