Philips’ outdoor smart home Hue lights are now available in Canada

Scare your neighbours by shining red floodlights on your house year-round

Philips Hue Outdoor Calla light

Philips’ Wi-Fi connected Hue line has been around for a few years now, with the versatile ecosystem of lights easily securing the position of the top smart light system out there.

Now Philips is expanding its smart lights to the great outdoors, with four specific smart lights designed to brave the elements and light up your backyard or patio in a variety of unique ways.

Philips Hue Lily Outdoor Spotlight

The company’s Lily Outdoor Spotlight comes in at $349 CAD for a three-pack and $119 for a single light. This smart spotlight is available in both ‘White’ and ‘Colour Ambiance,’ allowing you to light up the front of you house in a demonic blood red colour, just like you’ve always wanted.

Next we have the cylindrical Calla Outdoor Bollard, a smart path light of sorts that comes in at $169.99 for the base kit and $119 for each additional light.

Calla Outdoor Bollard Philips Hue Light

The Lucca Outdoor Wall Light, which is priced at $69 and also includes a bulb, is designed to be attached vertically against a wall.

Lucca Outdoor Wall Light

Unlike other outdoor Hue lights, the Lucca is only available in White and doesn’t feature a coloured bulb.

Inara Outdoor Wall Light

There’s also the $69 Inara Outdoor Wall Light, which is a different design variant of the Lucca. The Inara is only available in white and doesn’t feature a coloured bulb like some of Philips’ other outdoor Hue products. Finally, there’s the $124 Ludere Outdoor Wall Flood Light, which works exactly like you’d expect.

While both the Lucca and Inara feature standard white lightbulbs, in theory it’s possible to just swap it out for a coloured outdoor bulb.

Ludere Outdoor Wall Flood Lightt

Philips says that its new outdoor lights are available at, Best Buy, HomeDepot and the Apple Store.