foodora now supports voice ordering through Amazon Alexa

Order from the comfort of your couch, without even lifting your phone

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foodora has announced that customers can order food using Amazon Alexa.

The new voice ordering feature expands on existing Amazon features. Last year, foodora rolled out an Alexa skill — kind of like an app, but for your voice — that allows customers to track orders. For example, you could say “Alexa, ask foodora where my food is” and Alexa will tell you.

Now customers can complete the whole order from Alexa, using only their voice. To start, simply add the skill from foodora’s website or from the smart speaker’s app. After that, you’ll need to enter your foodora credentials, delivery address and preferred payment method.

Furthermore, users can reference old orders as well. Commands like “repeat my usual order” or “order from last Thursday” allow customers to easily repeat orders.

Voice ordering foodora through Alexa is now available across Canada where foodora is offered. However, Alexa only supports English right now so users must complete orders in English as well.

For foodora users in Toronto this means you can easily order Assembly with just your voice. foodora recently partnered up with Assembly Chef’s Hall to offer delivery for the 17 restaurants available as Assembly.

Furthermore, foodora is hoping to bring the same feature to Google Home and Apple Homepod soon.

Being able to place orders using speech is convenient and a great addition to the foodora service. Considering that a recent Media Technology Monitor survey revealed that roughly one in ten Canadians has a smart speaker, voice ordering is definitely the way to go.

Source: foodora