Apple has released the fourth developer beta for its latest mobile and TV software

The latest betas take us one step closer to the retail version of iOS 12

iOS 12 beta 2

Apple has been slowly refining iOS 12, tvOS 12 and watchOS 5 since it showed them off at WWDC and now it’s released the fourth beta build.

iOS 12 has brought some much-needed speed improvements to iOS that should make some older devices run faster. The new beta makes the build a bit more stable, but some users are still having issues with texting and GPS, according to some reports.

There weren’t many updates added in the latest beta, but Apple managed to:

  • Suggest automatic updates during setup.
  • Add a new batch of stickers related to the activity tracking app.
  • Fix an issue with positioning wallpaper.
  • Rearrange cellular data usage so it’s now organized by most data used, instead of alphabetically.
  • Change the ‘1X’and ‘2X’ buttons for iPhone apps that are on iPad into an expand arrow.

The company also pushed out the fourth beta for tvOS 12, but it only got a few small updates. Users can now swipe through screensavers and see labels on some of the locations. The other notable upgrade is that Apple now lets users see Dolby Atmos settings. Both of these functions were available in some capacity in the previous tvOS 12 beta, according to 9to5Mac, so it’s unclear if Apple has fixed bugs in the features or added more content this time around.

The watchOS update is the smallest of the three with only one feature being added, according to 9to5Mac. Apple has altered the Walkie-Talkie app so it doesn’t keep its icon on the watch face and instead, it fades in and out when needed.

Source: 9to5Mac