Report: 9 out of 10 drivers are driving distracted, and modern cars aren’t helping

Only a fifth of drivers recognize that they're distracted drivers

woman using phone behind steering wheel

A new survey from the Allstate insurance company of Canada is claiming that some of the latest in-car technologies are causing road safety to take a back seat.

Just over 1,000 people completed the company’s survey. The results show that 91 percent of Canadian drivers admit to engaging in risky behaviour when they’re behind the wheel. Allstate conducted the poll from May 25th to May 28th of 2018. All the respondents who took part in the survey were from Quebec.

Half of the 91 percent admitted to using hands-free calling while driving, although only 22 percent recognize this as distracting.

Four out of every 10 Canadians say that they use their car’s integrated functions and buttons to change music and 35 percent say they’re using hands-free technology to text while in the car. Even worse is the 23 percent of people that are taking pictures while driving.

All of these figures combined can add up to be really distracting, even if some of the technology like hands-free texting is supposed to make users less distracted.

“We can’t avoid new technology and the changes that come with it; and nor would we want to. Our cars are becoming safer, however, what we need to do is ensure it’s being used properly, as opposed to creating more distractions for drivers,” said André Parra, regional claims director at Allstate Insurance Company of Canada.

Source: Allstate Canada