Clear back panel mod showcases Vivo NEX’s pop-up camera

Simplicity is the key to this hardware feature

YouTube’s JerryRigEverything has posted a video that shows off how the Vivo NEX S’s pop-up camera works.

The channel is notable for tearing apart mobile phones and seeing how they work. There are two main goals in the video: to explore how the pop-up camera works and to make the back of the handset clear.

The camera’s mechanics work by screwing and unscrewing itself to move up and down the shaft of a screw. There’s also a spring added in to help the camera take a few bumps and smaller impacts, but all in all, it’s a simple yet clever mechanic that drives one of the phone’s most innovative features.

Taking the colour off of the back panel is a fairly easy process that leaves the user with an industrial looking phone. Once the back panel comes off just heat it up and then peel off the thin layer of laminate like its a giant sticker.

JerryRigEverything decided to cut part of the metal panel out of the phone to show off the camera’s unique internals, and I have to say that it looks really cool with a hint of futurism thrown in. To see more phone teardown videos make sure to check out the JerryRigEverything Youtube channel here.

Vivo released the bezel-less NEX line of phones to a lot of hype in June.

Source: YouTube