Samsung Bixby smart speaker may launch next month and cost $300 USD

The Bixby homescreen

Samsung’s Bixby smart speaker might finally be on its way.

A report from the Wall Street Journal reveals the smart speaker could arrive within the next month.

Samsung will reportedly release the speaker at approximately the same time as the Galaxy Note 9, which most reports say will launch on August 9th.

The speaker internally goes by the codename ‘Lux’. It has a round-bowl shape with legs on the bottom and lights on the top.

The Wall Street Journal also indicates the smart speaker will retail for about $300 USD (approximately $395 CAD).

Music will be a key selling point for the upcoming speaker.

“It will be marketed as a high-end music player and boast features like sound shifting, where the speaker’s audio can be beamed in the direction of a person providing verbal commands, the person said” writes the WSJ. 

Source: Wall Street Journal