Freedom Mobile’s new plans add data and minutes while upping price for non-Auto Pay customers

Freedom Mobile

Freedom Mobile has introduced new plans that are $5 CAD more expensive than the previous offerings, unless you set up ‘Auto Pay.’

The new plans add unlimited Canada-wide talk and text to Big Gig plans for use on Freedom’s ‘Away’ partner networks, and add larger ‘Away’ data allotments to some plans, as well.

Additionally, the carrier has introduced two new low-cost data plans.

For those currently on any existing plan — this increase does not affect you. However, if you want to switch your plan, expect to pay the extra $5 if you don’t sign up for the ‘Digital Discount.’

The ‘Digital Discount’ brings the price of plans down by $5. However, the $5 savings equals the amount of Freedom’s previous pricing structure.

To receive the ‘Digital Discount,’ customers must activate a ‘Pay After’ or ‘Pay Before’ on either the Big Gig 10GB/15GB/20GB, Big Gig + Talk 5GB/10GB/15GB/20GB, Home 250MB/500MB/2GB or the Data Plan 1GB plans.

Following that, set up ‘Auto Pay’ — pre-authorized payments — and then redeem the ‘Digital Discount’ promotion code.

New customers can head into a Freedom Mobile retail location or through customer care. Existing customers can switch through My Account to get one of the eligible plans before setting up the ‘Digital Discount.’

Using the ‘Digital Discount’ will get customers the previous pricing tiers, however, they will also have to feel comfortable with pre-authorized payments.

Of note: the carrier’s $15/4GB tablet plan is unaffected by this change.

Freedom has also added more Away Canada data depending on the plan. Away Canada data is data that’ll work when you’re still in Canada but somewhere not covered by Freedom’s Home network, such as most of Northern Ontario, and nearly all of Alberta.

For example, the $60/10GB plan previously had 500MB of data, but now has 1GB. The plans also now includes unlimited talk and text even on away networks.

Additionally, users can now add 1GB of Away Canadian data for $30.

Freedom introduced its Big Gig plans in October 2017, ushering in a wave of competitive holiday pricing between itself and Rogers, Telus and Bell on $60/10GB plans.

Update 19/07/2018: Story updated to indicate more clearly the nature of the change. Freedom Mobile has introduced new plans, not changed the price on existing plans, as was previously stated.

Source: Freedom Mobile