Google launches Move Mirror, AI that detects and matches body poses with pictures

Google dancer Move Mirror

Google is showing off its new artificial intelligence (AI) experiment called ‘Move Mirror.’ Move Mirror lets users look through a variety of pictures simply by moving around.

The new AI experiment uses the front-facing webcam and Google’s Move Mirror AI to match real-time movement to thousands of images of people doing similar poses.

Google even lets users create a GIF of the Move Mirror AI and share it with their friends.

Google says that it’s using Move Mirror to show how computer vision techniques like pose estimation — which can detect key body joints in a video or image — can be available to anyone using a computer with a webcam.

The search conglomerate also wants to make machine learning more accessible to coders, by giving them access to pose estimation in a browser.

Google used PoseNet — software that uses pose estimation– to build this experiment. PoseNet is powered by Tensorflow’s javascript library for machine learning.

Move Mirror takes information from the camera feed and puts it against a database of more than 80,000 images to find the best match.

Try out Move Mirror here.

Source: Google Blog